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Transparent Armor

Traditional and Advanced (light-weight) solutions including ATPD 2352, STANAG (NATO) & NAVSEA.

Complete Window Assemblies; Frames (Aluminum, Steel, Armored), CARC Coated, Potted, Gasketed, Heated and Associated Hardware.


Laminated Glass, Tempered Glass, Polycarbonate, Laminated Polycarbonate, Flat, Curved, Heated and Tinted Frames.

Frit Bands, Edge Seals, Gaskets, Cooperative Design, Reverse Engineering and 3D Modeling.


Bullet Resistant (NIJ, UL); Detention (ASTM 1915 & 1233, HP White, WMFL); Fire Resistant (UL 9 & 10B); Blast Resistant (GSA); Burglar Resistant (FEBR); Hospital Glazing (ASTM F1233); Custom Glazing and Security Films. All available as Insulated Units, Tinted, Storefront, Entrance Ways, Security Doors, Pass-Thru and Transaction Windows.


Standard Products including Integrated Ballistic Podiums and Configurable Transparent Barriers to Customized Solutions including Bullet Resistant/Blast Resistant Glazings, Framing Systems, Wall Systems, Security Entrances, Security Doors with Advanced Locking Systems, Blast Films, Tinted/Frosted, Shelter-In Place Barriers and Ticketing/Terminal Separation Lock-Down Systems.

Quality Statement:

Corcoron Glass

CG Products is committed to customer service and the quality of products and services that will contribute to the success of our customers and meeting or exceeding their requirements and expectations. This is accomplished through the consistent application of the Quality Management System and policies throughout the organization.

At CG Products we understand that our quality and continuous improvement is what separates us from other Security Glass suppliers and also keeps you, the customer, coming back. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, our Quality Management System drives everything that we do. Throughout our entire process quality inspections take place. Each and every piece of glass that enters and leaves our facility is 100% inspected. Should non-conforming product be found a full root cause analysis is completed, documented and shared with customers and suppliers. We have implemented and sustain 5S organization and lean manufacturing methodologies throughout our facility and processes. This has allowed CG Products to improve quality and production efficiencies, driving down cost and waste.

From small to large projects CG Products will deliver top notch solutions at an affordable price! Get started with our team... today.

We offer extensive experience and expertise in the Design, Supply & Installation of Transparent Armor, Transportation Glass & Security Glazing Systems. Our team will work with YOU to provide the perfect fit.